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How Does It Work

  • I will practice as your Personal Primary Care Provider. I Will Meet with You and Review Your Health History, Medications and Any Other Issues You Would Like to Discuss, in Relation to Your Health and Your Life. 

  • I may order a set of Blood Tests and any other Baseline Testing that is appropriate, in order to get an Overall Picture of Your Health. I will also Require that a Release Of Information be Signed to Gain Access to Appropriate Medical Records to Provide Continuity of Care.

  • We Will Meet Again after the Results Come In & Make a Plan for Your Care.

  • You Decide How Much or How Little Care you Need After You Have the Information You Need to Make that Decision. 

  • You Will Have Direct Access to Me and my RN through Email, Texts and Phone Calls. 

Current Accepted Insurances:
Aetna, Cigna, BCBC of AZ, UHC & Medicare
I also accept Medical Sharing Plans


  • I Will Continue to Add More Insurances as my Business Grows; Please Keep Checking Back!

  • I am Working to Become a Recommended Provider for All Medical Cost-Sharing Plans

  • For Those Seeking Opioid Use Disorder Treatment, you MUST have current and ongoing psychiatric treatment records. 

  • For Those Seeking Pain Management Services, you MUST provide most recent imaging and Documentation from your Most Recent Provider. I will accept these patients on a case-by-case basis and you need to consider palliative care status; please be mindful that this is NOT Hospice. There is a HUGE difference and I am happy to discuss this with you! 

Transition to Concierge 

To Get Ready for Our Appointment, Please Print, Sign and Return all Forms sent to you to:

This is a Telemedicine Practice, use of technology is strongly encouraged; however, you may also mail your forms to:

Desert Foothills Concierge Medicine

It's EASY!

My Goal is to Make the Transition from Traditional Doctor Office Visits to Concierge Medicine:

Low Anxiety, Trustworthy, Straightforward and Seamless. 

I Understand that Change is HARD! 

Once you Give my Services a Chance, I am Confident that you will Never Return to Traditional Healthcare. 


Please feel free to reach out if you feel that this Healthcare Experience is a good fit for you! We will return your inquiry as soon as possible. Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Thanks for submitting!

COVID-19 Related Information

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