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Services & Packages

Please Review the Processes Outlined Below and You Can See that this IS Right for YOU!

Our medical community has been changed forever, by this strange world of COVID-19; I have been both amazed and disappointed in the way healthcare is being delivered and managed. 

From mandated vaccinations to having patients wait in parking lots and now some providers won't even see unvaccinated patients.

This is outrageous and I aim to treat EVERYONE with the dignity and respect they deserve. Your healthcare is YOURS and you decide what is right for YOU. 


Acute Care 

Many people do not require ongoing healthcare for chronic health conditions. This business model is perfect for you! Maybe you only go to the doctor's office when you are sick or in pain. 

Are you having difficulty finding a pain management provider? Although this is NOT my main focus, I will consider some applicants. 

Perhaps you are going through Opioid Use Disorder Treatment; I am X-Waivered and able to provide your medications alongside your psychiatric provider.

Once you have established care and I have built a health record for you; you can access care whenever you need to.

I provide telemedicine services and I can order labs or other diagnostics to determine further recommendations or treatments.

Ongoing Healthcare

For those of you who require ongoing treatment for chronic health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disease, heart failure, minor depression, COPD etc; I can help you manage those with less time spent at the doctor's office. 

I provide telemedicine and/or phone visits and you will have additional access to me through text/email & phone.

I can order labs and other diagnostics and I will work closely with your specialists to provide the best service without having to leave the comfort of your home or worksite. I can also refer you to a specialist, if needed.


Personalized Packages



I hope that you can see, as you visit this website, that my goal is to provide personalized, relationship-based healthcare that fits your needs. 

If the packages outlined here don't meet your needs or vision of what you want YOUR healthcare to look like, I'm happy to meet with you, establish care and create a package that makes you comfortable. 

That's the beauty of what I am offering; no outside entities decide what is right....YOU DO. 


Services are Provided after an Initial Consultation is Completed. Once Patient is Established on my Service and a Plan of Care has been Initiated, Ongoing Care is Determined by Individual Patient Needs. 

Initial Consultations

60 Minute 

Initial Consultation

(You Will Need to Change Your PCP on Your Medicare Card)

Cash Price $125 only if you do NOT have insurance

Medical Sharing Plans

VERY Welcome!

X-Waivered Patients:

Taken on Case-By Case Basis; Will Require Submission of Completed Packet and Previous Medical Records from Psychiatrist and Previous Providers. 

Ongoing Care Packages

30 Minute Telemedicine Visits for:

Medication Refills


Weight Loss

Smoking Cessation

Opioid Use Disorder

Cash Price: $80 only if you do NOT have Insurance

Medical Sharing Plans 


This is also what you will pay once you have established care and need follow-up visits/care. 

Acute Care Visits

Once Care is Established & You Decide that You Would Only Require an Occasional Acute Care Visit

(UTI, Strep Test, Other Illness/Minor Injury Concerns)

Up to


Telemedicine/Phone Visit

(Visit paid at Time of Booking)

*Price Subject to change Dependent on Patient Status 

& Other Diagnostics that May be Required


or Those With Catastrophic Coverage

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