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Services & Packages

Please Review the Scenarios Below and you will see that this IS Right for YOU!

Our medical community has been changed forever in the wake of Covid-19. I have been both amazed and disappointed in the way healthcare is being delivered and managed to patients across the country since it's onset.  

Desert Foothills Staff are committed to serving patients of all walks of life. Vaccinated or not. I aim to treat EVERYONE with the dignity and respect they deserve. Your healthcare is YOURS and you decide what is right for YOU. 


Acute Care 

Many people do not require ongoing healthcare for chronic health conditions. Maybe you only go to the doctor's office when you are sick or in pain. Maybe you've come down with a simple cold at the most inopportune time. Established patients will enjoy access to their provider a set amount of times per year, to be used when and where they need it. 

We provide telemedicine visit services; I can order labs, imaging and other diagnostics to determine further recommendations or treatment plans.

Ongoing Healthcare

Some patients need to be seen at regular intervals to ensure proper management of their health conditions. For those of you who require ongoing treatment for chronic health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disease, heart failure, minor depression, COPD etc; I can help you manage those with less time spent at the doctor's office. 

Pain Management OR Opioid Use Disorder Treatment? I am X-Waivered and able to provide your medications alongside your psychiatric providers. Although Pain Management is NOT my primary focus I will consider some applicants depending on patient circumstances.

We provide telemedicine visit services; I can order labs, imaging and other diagnostics to determine further recommendations or treatment plans. We are committed to working closely with your existing specialists to provide a high continuity of care without having to leave the comfort of your home or worksite. I will also provide outside referrals to providers of your choice. Insurance coverage of any outside providers are your responsibility to determine. 


Personalized Packages

My goal is to provide personalized, relationship-based healthcare that fits your needs. 

If the scenarios outlined here don't meet your needs or vision of what you want YOUR healthcare to look like, I'm happy to meet with you, establish care and create a package that makes you comfortable. 

That's the beauty of what I am offering; no outside entities decide what is right....YOU DO. 

Establishing Care
Patients will be onboarded by our Registered Nurse via phone call and an initial Establish Care appointment will be scheduled. All subsequent visits will be determined by each patients individual needs and requests. 

Cash Pay Options

We understand that insurance is expensive, and so is healthcare without it. We have developed a cash pay package that is AFFORDABLE as well as easy to understand so that you know what to expect every time you are seen. Payment is even easier as we are capable of accepting several methods including Zelle, Paypal and Cash. 

Cash for pay service fees are as follows:

 Establish Care (Initial) Visit: $125

 Follow-Up Visit: $85

 Urgent Care Visit: $100

Most chronic conditions can be managed in an "Every 3 Month" Visit Model. Any conditions for which controlled substances are being prescribed require Once Monthly visits with your provider and UDS to be completed every 3 months.


**Prices may be subject to some adjustment

dependent on Patient Complexity 

& if additional, more indepth diagnostics and follow up are required to ensure safe, effective care is provided. 

Ongoing Care Package

Incremental (1-3 month) Telemedicine Visits for:

*Chronic Condition Management

*Lab orders and Reviews

*Medication Refills

*Weight Loss & Smoking Cessation

*Opioid Use Disorder

Acute Care Visits

Once care is Established & you feel that you only require occasional Acute Care visits:

(UTI, Strep Test, Other Illness/Minor Injury Concerns)

Up to


Telemedicine/Phone Visit

*Price Subject to change Dependent on Patient Status 

& Other Diagnostics that May be Required


or Those With Catastrophic Coverage

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