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About Me

"Don't Live the Same Year 75 times & Call it a Life"

                                              Robin S. Dharma

I have Been a Nurse for 30+ years. I started as a Licensed Practical Nurse, in Minnesota, working as a Geriatric Nurse & Private Duty Nurse. 

I returned to College and gained my Associates' Degree In Nursing in 2008, Deciding at that time to Relocate to Beautiful Scottsdale Arizona!

While working for a local hospital system on the Cardiac Unit I was afforded the opportunity to return to college yet again and attain my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. I began to see increasing patient needs while noting a lack of resources to meet those needs. I returned to school and earned my Masters' Degree in Science and obtained Licensure as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner in 2016. 

In this Healthcare Environment, I Believe it's Time to Help People Get the Healthcare they Want & Deserve!


I Live in the Beautiful Rio Verde Foothills and am very familiar with our Neighborhood.

I Work, Play & Shop in the same places you do!

I understand how you live, how you work and how you play....and I would like the opportunity to provide you with Healthcare that meets the needs of our unique desert life!

Coming Soon!

Although at this time I am solely providing Telemedicine Services I continue to work towards being able to see Patients periodically "In-Office" soon. 


My Approach

Since the beginning of time Healthcare has faced many challenges. In 2020

Covid changed our country and ravished our Healthcare Systems. It has changed the way healthcare is delivered and paid for...Forever.

I have discovered a need in our community; People want Healthcare that fits their needs and respects their own worldviews. People want to make their own healthcare decisions without being influenced by outside entities. 

I will provide high quality Care, Support and Documentation that is designed to benefit  YOU!

Outside Entities Do Not Direct the Care I Provide to My Patients. My Patients Do. 

Philosophy of Healthcare

Nurse Practitioners Practice Medicine Differently than Doctors.


We focus on Health. Not Sickness.


We Focus on Preventing Illness, Not

Treating Disease After it Occurs.


Nurses are Educated to Care for The Whole Patient.


Nurses are Trained to be an Advocate for their Patients.

Navigating Healthcare is a Challenge. I will not only Provide Care; I will Help You Navigate Your Insurance & Give YOU the Best Care Possible.


Commitment to My Patients

I am Committed to Giving my Patients the Healthcare they Seek by Actually Listening and Making a Plan WITH you Rather than FOR you.

Ultimately, YOU are in Charge of your Healthcare and I Pledge that YOU WILL Get the Care that You Deserve.  

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